local-artist.ca is a website designed to help you find local artists, as well as galleries and gift shops, in Canada.  In just three clicks you can find your desired art and a list of artists in the region you are looking for. local-artist.ca lists a great variety of artists, ranging from individuals who make sculptures out of wood, metal, stone or ceramic, to photographers, goldsmiths, and writers. You can also find gift shops and art galleries in various regions with the use of the mapping tool. local-artist.ca works simply as a connection between prospective buyers and artists; no sales are carried out on this website. Buyers can get in touch directly with the artist to initiate a sale. local-artist.ca offers artists and galleries three different options of promotion: free presentation Name, address, email, phone number, kind of art, and a link to your website (in exchange for a backlink) one page detailed presentation Artists describe themselves and display up to ten articles with photos and prices. Galleries present themselves with photos and text, and display their location on a dynamic map. complete website Artists and galleries also have the option to get their own website constructed. Additional details about these offers: for artists for galleries / gift shops We recognize the importance to promote local artists to a broad audience. We wish you lots of success. Your local-artist.ca Team (Bettina, Katharina, Lindsey, Mario, Josef and Sebastian) We appreciate any comments; please feel free to send us an email. 
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