Hello Gallery Imagine you are selling the greatest art work and no one knows! Presenting your art work effectively is a skillful trade. At local-artist.ca we can help you increase your customer base online to help you further generate your profits and boost your popularity. We offer three options:
List your business and contact- information and introduce your artistic work at local-artist.ca for free. If you already have a personal website, you can list it on local-artist.ca, under the stipulation that you backlink your website to us. This way, both parties profit through increasing the websites' popularity, for free! Prospective customers will find your free ad in your region by clicking on the Canadian map on our homepage. This option is completely free and requires no obligations on your behalf. (example) Send us a completed form and we'll add you to our database.
With this option, you can create and design your own personal website on local-artist.ca. You can introduce your art gallery in more detail through a brief textual description of your business and its history and also exhibit some of your art work through zoom-in photographs. Opening hours, contact information and an interactive online map with your precise location of your business are all included. Your website's name will be www.local-artist.ca/your-name You can personally use your webpage as you wish and further connect it online through other service providers such as Facebook. With this option, you will increase your search engine optimization through search engines such as google. Also, included in this option is a free listing in our regional database of artists (see option 1). Basic webpage updates and changes are complimentary. Price: $75 for the first year of subscription with local-artist.ca, and $29 for every consecutive year. Payment is not required until the listing  is uploaded, and to the satisfaction of  you.  Click here for an example. Send us a completed form.
Having your own personal website is the best way to display your work to a worldwide audience. With this option, you will receive your own personal domain www.your-name.com Your personalized website includes four individually customized webpages, all of which can be customized to your preferences. Example: Page 1: An introduction to your business (main) Page 2: Personal information about your business, your personal background and history Page 3: Detailed listing of your art work through an interactive gallery (up to ten pieces) Page 4: A contact information page including online map Price: $250 for your own domain and customized website (up to four individual pages; includes online registration fees and your 1st year's subscription fee). For every subsequent year, we will only charge $70 / year. Basic website updates and changes are complimentary. Here an example of a personalized homepage that was recently customized to the artist's taste. Send us an email with your preferred domain address and we will be happy ensure for website availability. Also send us a completed form. 
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again: Payment is not required until the listing is uploaded, and to the satisfaction of you.
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